Our Mission

To provide premium eye care and eye wear products to New Zealanders through a smooth and effortless online experience, offering affordable prices and exceptional customer service.

Why Choose Us

We are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated. All4Eyes offers New Zealand’s widest range of eye care products from premium and familiar brands ranging from contact lenses and frames to sunglasses and accessories. All4Eyes carries more than your local optician and delivers to you faster, at a fraction of the price. Look no further for affordable and timely delivery of eyecare products as far as the eye can see. We specialise in delivering precision lenses fitted for you by professional technical opticians and offer a range of customisation options – whether you’re looking for anti-glare coatings or the thinnest, lightest and strongest lenses on the market, your eyes can rest easy knowing all our lenses are 100% UV resistant. Whatever your lifestyle, we have the product to suit you.

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