Clearanz (Clearance) features the sale products, clearance stock and special offers of NZ retailers and businesses.

We all love a good sale. But there are thousands of online & storefront retailers in NZ, and it’s impossible to keep track of their sales and various offers at any given time,

This is where Clearanz comes in – we feature the clearance products and special offers of local retailers and businesses, so you can easily browse & search the NZ marketplace deals in a central location, saving time and money.

There is no buying or selling in Clearanz. However, all online retailer listings have a “Buy Now” option that will re-direct you to the product’s original page in the retailer’s website so you can buy it directly from them.

If that’s not a good enough reason to use our site, how’s this – Like our page in Facebook, and you’ll qualify to participate in periodic draws to win retailer vouchers and other goodies!

If you have any questions or comments, or are a retailer / business who wishes to advertise with us please use the form in the Contact us section. We hope you enjoy using Clearanz (best viewed using Google Chrome).

Clearanz Admin

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